Posted by: Shantham | March 18, 2009

SharePoint Database SQL Query Tips1

Today onwards on daily basis, I decided to post the Sql Query to access the SharePoint Databases. To know more about the databases in Sharepoint , check my SharePoint Databases Post.
To retrieve all lists from the database, use the following query,

select AllLists.tp_Title as ‘List Title’,webs.Title as ‘Web Title’
from dbo.AllLists as AllLists
inner join dbo.Webs as webs
on webs.Id=AllLists.tp_WebId
order by webs.Title

dbo.AllLists Table contains all the lists available in WebApplication Level *

dbo.Webs Table Contains all the webs or sites available in WebApplication Level  *

Sql Query Result

Sql Query Result - Returns All Lists with Site

*If the Database configured for SiteCollection, then the table only contains the datas for SiteCollection Level.

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  1. Microsoft does not recommend touching database.

    That is the reason MS has given web services and SharePoint API’s to play with.

    However I know this is Read operation only. Hence shold not be an issue.

  2. Dear Shantha,

    I appreaciate your help by providing these queries to us. I am wondering if you could help me with creating a SQL query to find “permissions of all the objects in the sharepoint (arranged in a tree order like Site then library then folders and then items)”. Can we do that ?

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